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Floor heating services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lothian borders.

How is the under floor heating system built?


It consists of heating elements: wires, heating mats or foils, floor temperature sensor and thermostat.



My fitting service includes:


- choosing the right material, that the finished floor will be covered with best material to use is stone or ceramic flooring which conduct heat well. If deciding on a carpet or wooden floor, you have to remember that these materials must work well with underfloor heating and be specially marked.


- carefully planning the spacing of furniture


- taking into account the height of floor heating


- thoroughly insulating floor (if the insulation have not been made earlier)


complete shower repair

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electric floor heating Edinburgh

Electric underfloor heating is relatively cheap to install, easy to use and very durable. It proves to be  invaluable in kitchens and bathrooms, where it provides a warm and pleasant to touch floor throughout the year.


Underfloor heating can be used as primary or secondary heating. As a primary heating it is usually chosen when there is no possibility of using other forms of home heating. As a secondary heating it is usually installed in bathrooms and kitchens.

I have already successfully done many underfloor heating systems throughout Scotland.


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