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Porcelain tile vs ceramic tile:



Tiles are very essential elements for us which are mostly used for the flooring purpose. While having a conversation about the tiles most of the time we use ceramic and porcelain tiles interchangeably thinking that they are same which is not true. You can call it same but they do have essentially small differences between them. So, let us discuss some of the contrasting differences between two of them.


The first difference exist between them on the basis of water absorption rate.


Porcelain tiles have the absorption rate of percentage. Also they have lesser impurities than ceramic tiles. Porcelain also contain more amount of kaolin than compared to ceramic. Porcelain is made by using quartz, clay and feldspar which are fired at very high temperature ranging from twelve hundred to fourteen hundred degree Celsius.


Ceramic tiles are more susceptible for cracking, more porous and less resistant to the cold weather conditions.


Whereas in the other hand porcelain tiles are denser or compact then compared to ceramic tile. They are weak absorbent which makes it effective, it also have more resistant to the stains and also are brittle at some extent. The clay used for the preparation of the ceramic tiles are mostly red, brown or white and are less refined and purified form. On the other hand porcelain tiles are made up of white clay and are considered to be more refined and purified form compared to the ceramic tiles.


Ceramic tiles are mostly used for walls but porcelain tiles are versatile in the uses department as they are used for both flooring and for wall purpose. Ceramic tiles are cheaper than the porcelain types.


Ceramic tiles are also easier in easing of the tiles while on the other hand you may require experts for cutting the porcelain tiles