House Insurance Claims

Burst pipes? Seriously leaking shower affecting the downstairs or next door? Accidentally cracked basin? Neighbours flooded you, or perhaps you have flooded the neighbours?

Do you need to make a claim on your house insurance policy?

I have significant experience in providing the assessment of damage and quotations for the required remedial work for the purpose of making insurance claims.

This service is FREE......if you decide to then hire TQT to carry out the work quoted for.

If you decide to hire another tradesperson (or, for that matter, not to have the work done at all), the cost of insurance-claim assessment and quotation is, in most but the most complex cases, £150.

This amount covers a thorough examination  of the relevant area of your property, assessing any damage (including estimating likely invisible damage), planning remedial work and providing a detailed written estimate of the costs of such work in a hard copy or electronically.
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