Underfloor heating

Enjoy Evenly Distributed Heat From a Stylish Floor.

Underfloor heating services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lothian borders

Luxurious yet affordable, electric underfloor heating is relatively cheap to install, easy to use, relatively economical to run and very durable. It proves to be invaluable in kitchens and bathrooms, where it provides a warm and pleasant-to-touch floor throughout the year.

Electric underfloor heating can be used as primary or secondary heating. As primary heating it is usually chosen where no other forms of home heating can be fitted. As secondary heating it is usually installed in bathrooms and kitchens, as it works best with tile or stone flooring.

In an electric underfloor heating system, sets of electric wires are fitted under or within your flooring to heat a room or a part of it. The complete system consists of heating elements: wires, heating mats or foils, floor temperature sensor and a thermostat. The choice of a particular system to install depends on how big the room is, how well insulated it is and the type of flooring you have. TQT will advise you on the optimal underfloor heating system for your circumstances.

Underfloor heating works best with flooring materials that conduct heat well (precisely the ones that feel cold to touch on wintery mornings). Stone or ceramic flooring is the best choice, and that is why underfloor heating is such a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It is possible to install electric underfloor heating beneath wooden or carpet flooring, but you need specially made materials of this kind, marked as suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

TQT underfloor heating service includes:
  • advice on choosing the best system and the optimal flooring for your needs,
  • carefully planning the spacing of furniture,
  • surface preparation, taking into account the height of floor heating,
  • thoroughly insulating the floor (if it has not been done already),
  • fitting the system,
  • laying the flooring (usually ceramic or stone tiles).
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